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Tips to Build the Right Vibe

Oftentimes restaurants can be heard playing some of the most disastrous music for their diners. Such practice can completely ruin the dining experience as fine dining is not just about the food, but about the atmosphere, vibe, service and décor too. The vibe of a restaurant is defined by the kind of music that’s played there all through the evening. It’s actually a skill and needs dedicated attention. However, many restaurants choose to neglect it and get it badly wrong.

We’ve heard of people dining in Michelin star restaurants and their meals being served with Beethoven’s fifth! And not just once, but 3 to 4 times during the entire course of the evening! Sometimes, things get so bad that customers never go back to that restaurant again!

So, there lies the problem. Getting the music aspect right in your club/restaurant can make diners stay for longer and chill out more. As a result, they’d be spending more and recommending your restaurant/club to their friends and family.

Let’s go over 4 important tips that can help you build the right kind of atmosphere in your restaurant.

Never leave the music to the staff – This is a very common and classic mistake committed by restaurateurs. The bosses usually don’t know much about the music and hence leave the choices to the young staff members, or sometimes even waitresses/waiters. The result – diners are subjected to very inappropriate music, playing on loop on a waiter’s iPod! You, as a restaurateur must take control of such situation and make the music choices yourself. Better still, hire someone skilled in this department.

Straighten your attitude as a restaurateur – As also mentioned earlier, running a successful restaurant isn’t only about putting good food on the table (even though that’s a necessity), it must be accompanied with appealing decor, excellent service and the right kind of vibe. All this can’t happen if you don’t have the right kind of attitude as a restaurateur. Such change in attitude must originate from you and trickle-down to your employees.

Get the right sound system – Good sound systems don’t necessarily come with expensive price tags. All you need is a good MP3 or CD player and a handful of tiny good-quality speakers installed in different corners of your restaurant. Make sure that you leave couple of quiet spots for people who wouldn’t want to hear any music while they’re eating. Such systems are pretty easy to install these days. You could either install them in sequence or even opt for wireless speakers if you want.

Decide the genre of music that is appropriate for your restaurant – This may not require the services of a music expert. All you need to do is use some common sense and your instincts. There’s no point playing heavy metal music in a fine dining restaurant where people usually come to have romantic candlelight dinners. The style and genre of music should fall in line with the ethnicity of the restaurant too. The easiest and safest options you could go with are smooth jazz, chilled classical, romantic slow numbers or something on the lines of ethnic international such as Chinese, Indian, Italian etc. depending on the cuisine.

Please be assured that the energy well-spent on such task will reap great dividends later!