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Why Poor Attendance in Shows?

Holding gigs and shows in restaurants has become a sort of norm these days. Such events contribute significantly to their popularization and revenue stream. However, there may be cases where not many people may show up for such events. Let’s look at some important reasons why?

The bands may not be that good
Perhaps, the bands you invite to play in your restaurants aren’t up to the standards. It can’t be denied that a large majority of bands are simply starry-eyed and spend most of their time ruing about lost opportunities, rather than rehearsing and tightening their performances. It’s important for these bands to record their rehearsals and shows, and then listen to them for corrections later. They should be encouraged to get their act together and double their rehearsal schedule.

You play the same bands too often
No music lover would come to see a band in your restaurant if it’s playing three shows every alternate day. Customers or music lovers don’t like frequenting such venues as there are just too many alternatives available in the marketplace. They’ve got ample options to have a good time and enjoy good music. It’s recommended to schedule at least one big local show in your restaurant after every 4 to 6 weeks. It’ll give you ample time for promoting that show and building some buzz around it.

They come across as just another event
No music reviewer or restaurant reviewer is going to care about a place that hosts a 4 band bill show every Wednesday night. Instead, you must turn every show in your restaurant into a major event! Spread them out evenly if you need to and come up with innovative themes and titles for all your shows. They should sound like fun and people should be talking about them in advance, on both online and off-line platforms.

You may not be selling enough advance tickets
It’s always a good idea to sell advance tickets of a show as it encourages people to book their spot and commit to the show. Make sure that these advance tickets are much cheaper than your actual door price. If there is a possibility of getting hard tickets printed, it would do you a world of good to involve local music stores into the ticket sales process. There is an old world charm and fun in the activity of going and picking up tickets for a music show! And music enthusiasts love that! Furthermore, work hand-in-hand with the bands to promote their shows.

Bands are completely unaware of their responsibilities
Many bands believe that it is entirely the venue’s responsibility for promoting their shows. They must be reminded that there’s no guarantee that people are going to come in hoards for a show just because it’s listed on the event calendar of a popular venue. You, as a restaurant owner/promoter may have too many shows on your hand to promote any one single artist or band. So, if there are four bands that play in your club every night of the week that makes it 28 bands in a week. You can’t expect even the hard-core loyalists of your restaurant’s/club’s to turn out for each and every show. Inevitably, bands will need to share the responsibility of pulling in the crowds.