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Importance of Events Calendar

Hosting events in your restaurant and maintaining a proper events calendar can go a long way in boosting your restaurant’s sales.

Whenever businesses thinks of holding an event, restaurants are the first places that they turns to. Regular holding of events like charity functions, corporate holiday gatherings, wedding rehearsal dinners etc. can contribute significantly to the revenue stream of your restaurant.

An additional advantage of holding such events is that they bring in customers that may have never heard about your restaurant, or who may have been wanting to visit your place but never got the opportunity to do so. A single major scale event can bring in anywhere from a few hundreds to thousands of new visitors to your restaurant. The event can be used as an excellent opportunity to pitch your restaurant to all those potential customers. All you need to do is just wow all those people with your exceptional food and service, and you’d have gained several repeat customers for a long time.

Events also bring in a large number of people who are ardent users of social media, which means that there’ll be plenty of Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, tweets and check-ins for your restaurant!

You can hold all sorts of events in your restaurant, with each one providing a nice array of benefits. Some of these events may be like:

Fundraisers provide restaurant owners an excellent opportunity to get closely involved with the people of the community, something that is closely observed by community members. Just by providing a nice venue for a fundraiser and raising some funds for the local community can not only get you in the good books of people in your area, but also make some nice money for your restaurant. It’s a win-win situation!
You could host small-scale fundraisers for local artists or perhaps athletic endeavors of the local schools. You could even raise some money for soup kitchens during Christmas and Thanksgiving. How about giving a good push to your weekly sales by promoting a food drive wherein customers get a 10% discount if they bring in any nonperishable food item with them?! You may even volunteer your restaurant as a venue for participants of relays, marathons and/or charity walks.

Private events
If you can make available a private area inside your restaurant which can be separated from the regular walkins, you could offer it as a nice venue for hosting private parties. Such private party rooms are often used for events like baby showers, business meetings, family reunions, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Although you may need to do lot of planning for such parties, they hold the promise of an excellent and constant revenue stream.

Holiday events
Apart from the Christmas and Thanksgiving fundraisers mentioned above, you could also hold special parties for events like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl, Saint Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. You could make these theme-based events and encourage guests to dress up in particular attires like sports-jerseys, costumes or festive colors. Creating special drinks for these events, and engaging media persons for their promotion are also excellent ideas.

You could also promote your restaurant by hosting guest chefs and by opening seasonal areas of your restaurant like its garden, patio or rooftop.