The Sail Inn
Things you can do to sell like The Sail Inn in Tempe!

Building Restaurant’s Ambience

Every restaurateur knows that he/she needs to provide much more than just quality food and excellent service for attracting repeat patrons to his/her restaurant. You need to go far and beyond these two aspects and deliver an overall positive experience to every customer who walks in through its doors. Actually, the creation of that experience starts the moment a patron pulls into your parking lot and lasts until the time he/she drives away, satiated and satisfied!

The atmosphere or ambience of an establishment plays a very key role in delivering that kind of positive customer experience. We all know that environment has a lot of influence on people’s moods. And in turn, people’s mood impacts their overall perception of their environment. So, no matter how good your food, or how professional and friendly your staff members may be, if your patrons are seated in an unpleasant atmosphere, they’ll only end up looking down upon your restaurant, and avoid visiting it the next time.

How to build your restaurant’s aesthetic or visual appeal?

Pause for a moment and try to recall some of your personal best dining experiences. Which one do you think stands out as a truly exceptional and distinguished experience from others, in your mind? Was it the meal you had in some hospital-like, sterile environment? Or was it in an establishment that had gone out of its way to create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere for you, with the help of very good decorations, designs and colors?

Quite obviously, the latter seems like the more likely one. This is due to the fact that visually appealing atmosphere has a direct influence on a person’s mood as well as his/her perception of quality. An exactly same product that is served in a hospital may taste much better when it is served in a visually appealing place.

You can easily build the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant with the use of complementary and muted colors. Make sure that the decorations are just enough for breaking the visual monotony without causing any disturbance or appearing garish. The decor can be complemented with sufficient lighting, just enough for easy viewing, and not glaring and harsh.

How to create the ambient sound?

Sound and sight both have an equal amount of influence on a person’s perception and mood. Playing even some subtly audible music can have a positive subconscious effect on the customers and enhance their mood. Hence, the music played in your restaurant must be both appealing and calming.

Unless your restaurant or club is a happening venue for live gigs, the people coming there may not be particularly visiting it for music enjoyment. Hence, playing the top 50 numbers over and over again may not be a very good idea. Alternatively, you could opt for some soothing jazz or classical music to create a more positive and effective environment.

Whatever your ideal music selection may be, make sure that you play it at a low volume. It should be loud enough just to get heard and never at a decibel level that customers need to scream to get heard!

Create the right balance

The ideal way of creating the right vibe or ambience in your restaurant is by striking the right balance between the audio and visual effects.